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70MPa high pressure quick plug pressure test bench mgs-0g100h-4h

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70MPa high pressure quick plug pressure test bench mgs-0g100h-4h

 System technical description (model and specification: mgs-og100h-4h)

Main functions:            

The quick plug test-bed is a special test-bed for hydraulic quick connector and high-pressure ball valve to test its pressure resistance performance under working pressure, and to conduct overpressure test on the tested parts.




performance index




Hydraulic quick coupling, hydraulic ball valve



Withstand voltage test





Test medium


Customer provided


Test pressure


Liquid test


Test accuracy

< ±2%F.S


Pressure control accuracy

< ±2%F.S


Constant pressure accuracy



Medium temperature


Room temperature


Ambient temperature

Room temperature


Number of test pieces at the same time

4 pieces

4 pieces of 10-70mpa can be tested at the same time


Control model

Manual control, computer data recording

Device action description and its functions            

1. Carry out pressure test on the hydraulic quick coupling: place the tested quick connector on the test station, change the clamping valve, clamp the oil cylinder downward, clamp the workpiece to be tested, clamp the 4 workpieces in turn, close the safety valve (the safety valve cannot be tested if the safety valve is not closed), open the hand valve of water filling diaphragm pump, and start to inject water. Water flows out from the unloading valve, indicating that the water injection and emptying is completed, Close the unloading valve, open the computer, start data recording, open the booster pump, and the booster pump starts to work. When the pressure reaches the pressure, the booster pump will stop working. Close each high-pressure needle valve to enter the pressure holding time. When the holding time is up, open the unloading valve to release the pressure, and the test is completed. After entering the holding time, the alarm will be given when the pressure drop exceeds the allowable range, and the needle valve of the circuit will be closed manually, and the pressure maintaining test will be carried out for the rest of the circuit until the end of the test.            

2. Liquid test of 10 ~ 70MPa pressure section: select the test pressure section according to the pressure range of the tested quick connector, and adjust the air source pressure range. For example, if the air source pressure is adjusted to 0.1-0.4mpa, the output hydraulic pressure range is 10-40mpa. When the air source pressure is increased, the output liquid pressure is also increased accordingly.            3.4 stations, 5 sets of sealing tooling for each station.            

3. Totally closed test chamber, PMMA observation window, with safety switch, can be pressurized after closing the test window.            5. The pressure holding time can be set, and the alarm will be given automatically after the holding time.            

6. The gas seal test port is reserved and connected with high pressure gas for gas seal test.            

7. It is equipped with a liquid collector, which is used to collect and recycle the spilled liquid in the test process, and can be recycled after filtration.

70MPa high pressure quick plug pressure test bench mgs-0g100h-4h


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