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Portable Safety Valve Test Bench

Functions and Characteristics:
•Maximum drift diameter: DN400mm
•Maximum test pressure: 48Mpa
•Pneumatic control hydraulic clamping device is adopted. Clamping force is adjustable. The equipped pressure gauge displays the corresponding clamping force and provides a comparison table between the pressure and the clamping force, which facilitates operators to choose appropriate lamping force according to the safety valve calibration pressure and the drift diameter.
  • ODMT

Functions and features:

Product name Portable relief valve test bench

 Check the diameter range:flange type DN25~200mm safety valve,A27W-10T safety valve with inch thread type 1/2~ 2 1/2, M27*1.5, M30*1.5, M33*1.5 metric thread safety valve.

The highest calibration pressure: 32MPa, two-way air intake, high-pressure air source prepared by the user (can be equipped with a booster system)