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Pressure Burst Test Bench

By using the compressed air as the power source, the output liquid pressure and the pressure of the driving air source pressure is in proportionality. By adjusting the pressure of the inlet air source, the corresponding liquid pressure can be obtained. When the air pressure and the liquid pressure balanced, the pneumatic booster pump will stop charging pressure, the output pressure is stable in the pre adjustment of the pressure. It has the characteristics of explosion proof, adjustable output pressure, small volume, light weight, simple operation, reliable performance, wide application range, etc.. It is especially suitable for high-pressure and ultrahigh pressure blasting and pressure testing of valves, pipes, joints, pressure.

working principle

ODMT can design and manufacture static pressure and burst test benches for various products, with a maximum pressure of up to 6000 bar. Users can choose manual or automatic control mode according to their needs.The stable hydraulic control capability and safe structural design of the ODMT static pressure burst test bench ensure the perfection and safety of the testing process.


Product Description

The ODMT pressure burst test bench is applied to the test standard testing of related pressure components. The pressure resistance and burst tests of various hoses, metal pipes, joints, pressure vessels, etc. are also in line with other general and special international and domestic related pressure components Test standard.


Technical parameters

    ·Pressure range: Maximum pressure 600MPa

    ·Test station: 1

    ·Measurement accuracy: ±0.5%FS (For higher accuracy, please call our company)

    ·Timing range: 0-9999H

    ·Test medium: water or hydraulic oil

    ·Medium temperature: -40℃ -150℃±3℃ (optional)

    ·Drive air: ≤7bar

    ·Power supply: 380V/50Hz