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ODMT pneumatic liquid pump profile and advantages

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ODMT pneumatic liquid pump profile and advantages

M-Series air driven liquid pump uses a built-in pneumatic control four-way two-position valve to move to and fro automatically. This series of product is produced by introducing related technology abroad and designing according to the standards of our country. The air driven parts are all made of aluminum alloy and are treated with oxidation. The pump head is made of carbon steel or stainless steel according to different media.

  The diameter of the drive piston of this series is up to 80mm, air pressure≤8bar. This kind of pumps has the following characteristics:

◆Light weight, portable design       

◆Large flow, wide pressure range

◆Apt to control, both manual and automatic controls are available.

◆Appropriate for most fluid

◆No electricity is needed. 

◆Easy to maintain


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