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  • Manufactory direct gas test pressure gague testing bench

    -User provided calibration source or system with supercharger-High precision pressure regulator controls the gas pressure of the system, and the pressure rise and fall is stable and accuratein the calibration process.-All pipelines and joints are sealed with high reliability to prevent leakage.-The

  • ODMT Impulse Tester Respirator / Air Tightness Test Respirator / Air Tightness Test

    ODMT pulse test rig has a high performance, which has adopted advanced technology abroad and combined with the actual demands athome. Its main components are imported hydraulic ones. The whole equipment has simple operation and stable performances. It hascombined with American NI measurement and con

  • Water Hydraulic Test Bench

    The main function:MPT series bursting pressure test bench can carry out water (oil) pressure test on various pipelines and containers. For differenttest purposes, multi-step pressure test and burst test can be carried out on the tested parts by pressure setting.Description of equipment actions and t

  • ODMT Pressure Gauge Test Bench Machine

    ODMT MPGC series pressure gauge calibration table is applicable for testing spring tubes (C-type tube, coil spring tube, spiral tube), etc. The calibration pressure of pneumatic calibration table is up to 15Mpa and that of hydraulic calibration table is up to 250Mpa. (Customers can consult our compa

  • pressure burst test bench

    The pressure burst test bench is used in the test standard detection of relevant pressure components, pressure and burst tests of various hoses, metal pipes, joints, pressure vessels, etc., and also meets other general and special international and domestic pressure components. Test accuracy. Produc

  • safety valve test bench

    Range of application: Test the set pressure, setback pressure and tightness performances of direct loaded safety valves and pilot operated safety valves. Executive standard: TSGZF001-2006, GB-T12242-2005, GB-T12241-2005, GB-T12243-2005Technical Parameters:(1) Maximum drift diameter: DN400mm(2) Maxim

  • Online pressurized air driven computer control Portable Advanced PC Test Bench for Safety Valves

    TPowerful and reliable database management function, which can conveniently search, store and report; The database management software system can automatically display the error rate. The user can set the error range, execution standard, report number description, label number, seal mark, and

  • hydraulic valve test bench

    Test valve type straight through flange gate valveball valve, globe valvecheck valveClamping methodthe clamping jaws clamp the back of the flangeValve and blind plate sealing methodO-ring seal on the end facePressure test mediumwater (air or nitrogen)Test rangeDN50-300, see the pressure test range t

  • Horizontal Hydraulic Industrial Valve Test Bench Perform shell testing seal test

    Valve Test Bench The main technical parameters1. Test valve type: straight through flange gate valve, ball valve, globe valve, check valve.2. Clamping method: the clamping jaws clamp the back of the flange, and there is no external force on the valve body.3. Valve and blind plate sealing method: O-r

  • Busbar Processing Machine

    Busbar machine Main characteristics: The shearing unit uses sharp shearing, the incision interface is flat, no droop and burrs and waste, beautiful shape. The punching unit uses an united six-mode template in tooth shape to make sure the upper mold and the lower mold are absolutely in the center, im

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