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  • Pressure gauge test bench

    The pressure gauge test bench is mainly used to test the accuracy of pressure gauge. It is mainly composed of pneumatic booster and pressure regulating system. Our pressure gauge test bench is divided into gas and liquid type according to the test medium. The test pressure of gas test bench can reac

  • Portable relief valve test bench

    The portable relief valve test bench is mainly used to test various relief valves. It is characterized by small size and easy to carry. The equipment can be taken to the use field. The maximum test pressure can reach 32Mpa. The maximum detection diameter of flange type safety valve is DN 150 mm, and

  • MGS-GAB02air booster unit for sale

    MGS-GAB02air booster unit (air charging system)when the driving gas source pressure of pneumatic tools is not enough, pressurize the pipeline gas source of 3-4 kgf / cm2 to 6-8 kgf / cm2, so as to improve the working efficiency of pneumatic tools and meet the requirements of underground coal mine op

  • 70MPa high pressure quick plug pressure test bench mgs-0g100h-4h

    (一) System technical description (model and specification: mgs-og100h-4h)Main functions: The quick plug test-bed is a special test-bed for hydraulic quick connector and high-pressure ball valve to test its pressure resistance performance under working pressure, and to conduct overpressure

  • PLC control gas booster station(Model:MGS-OMA40-L)

    Application fields of gas pressurization system: 1. Provide power source for pneumatic tools; 2. The secondary pressurization of the compressed air in the factory, the input of high-pressure gas into the reactor, and other occasions where high-pressure gas is needed;

  • Air pressure amplifier system

    Product details:Brand:ODMT Model:MAB02 MGS-MAB02Material:aluminium alloy Origin:ChinaProduct Model:MAB02(without air tank) MGS-MAB2(with air tank)Power:AirProduct advantages: 1.Small occupation space: can reduce half space than traditional air compressor; 2.Ene

  • Pressure Pulse Test Equipment manufacturers

    ODMT pulse test rig has a high performance, which has adopted advanced technology abroad and combined with the actual demands at home. Its main components are imported hydraulic ones. The whole equipment has simple operation and stable performances. It has combined with American NI measurement and c

  • What are the applications of Safety Valve Calibration?

    *Safety Valve Calibration Table* Range of application: Test the set pressure, setback pressure and tightness performances of direct loaded safety valves and pilot operated safety valves.* Executive standard: TSGZF001-2006, GB-T12242-2005, GB-T12241-2005, GB-T12243-2005Technical Parameters:(1)Maximum

  • Pressure Gauge Fatigue Test Bench

    Pressure Gauge Fatigue Test BenchPressure gauge overpressure fatigue test bench mainly conducts pulse fatigue test to examine its fatigue life and fatigue reaction, that is, to test the reliability and precision of pressure gauges. This device adopts hydraulic drive. The output oil (water) pressure

  • ODMT OG series pneumatic liquid pump profile

    This series of pump uses single pneumatic non-equilibrium gas distributing valves to move to and fro automatically. The drive parts of the pump are made of aluminum alloy. These parts are treated with oxidation into black to ensure their good-looking appearance and stainless performance. The fluid

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