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Pressure Pulse Testing Machine manufacturers

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Pressure Pulse Testing Machine manufacturers

The pressure pulse testing machine is used in the production inspection, use and Development Research of automobile hose, aviation hose and manifold, other hard pipes or joints, automobile brake pump, radiator, oil cooler and cylinder block in factories, construction engineering quality inspection stations, product quality inspection institutes, scientific research institutes, etc. The pressure pulse testing machine developed by Jinan siminte Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly used for the pulse fatigue test of all kinds of experimental objects mentioned above.

The test bench consists of three main parts: 1. Hydraulic system: circulating pump and pulse generator. 2. Test cabinet: it is mainly used to install the tested parts to be tested, pressure regulation and system pressure indication. 3. Electrical control cabinet and computer test system: the start-up button and instrument are installed on the console for centralized control and monitoring. The computer system can collect the test pressure waveform


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