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gas-liquid booster cylinder clinching equipment manufacturers

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gas-liquid booster cylinder clinching equipment manufacturers

Do you know how to  gas-liquid booster cylinder clinching equipment in a hydraulic system?

While hydraulic machines and booster cylinders operate continuously for long periods of time, this step of maintaining mechanical equipment is especially important due to working environment and machine conditions (temperature, dust, vibration, fatigue damage, wear, damage) limitations. It is important. .. Like the human body, he is constantly supplemented with nutrients to sustain and fight his life.

1. Daily maintenance and maintenance:

Three daily routine checks are required.

① Make sure the fastening connection of each part of the drilling rig is reliable before the hydraulic machine and booster cylinder work.

② Carefully observe the operation of the machine for oil leaks, water leaks, air leaks, electric leaks, etc.

(3) After stopping the work, make a comprehensive check to see if the screws loosen and need to be tightened or if oil or water needs to be replenished.

Daily maintenance needs to be done: cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, tightening.

Second, timely maintenance:

For a failed hydraulic machine, the booster cylinder must first be examined to determine the cause of the failure. Common failures are external and internal leaks in hydraulic cylinders. Leaks are intuitive and obvious and must be judged empirically. Cylinder expansion is weak and cylinder closing speed is slow. After 30 minutes of work, if you touch the surface temperature of the oil cylinder with your hand, the temperature of the internal leak cylinder body will rise obviously, but at this time, you need to replace the internal oil seal.

The pressure drop of the hydraulic pump and drive motor cannot reach the maximum load, and the work is weak. In addition to engine power loss, this type of work failure is usually a pressure drop on the hydraulic work pump, loss of control of the pressure relief valve, and the surface of the drive motor oil pan. Due to wear. According to the specific situation.

3. Precautions during maintenance work:

Before repairing the hydraulic machine and booster cylinder, the captain must prepare before the repair.

The outer surface of the machine is blown off with an air pump to remove external sludge. Select a location where maintenance work is easy. Different manufacturers of different hydraulic machines have different product models and specifications. The model number should be carefully identified and properly classified. Repairing a hydraulic cylinder seems easy, but in reality it is the most laborious and time consuming and requires the body to stabilize before disassembling. Perform all kinds of safety work. Before disassembling the pipeline, relieve pressure, drain oil and disassemble the bolt. Some oil cylinders have not been repaired for a long time, and it is especially difficult to separate the oil rod and oil cylinder. Please use a special tool to disassemble the cylinder piston, and do not hit it with a hammer to prevent damage to the piston surface and oil seal ring groove.

Normal maintenance is paramount and air filters are often essential. Since the liquid filter can be replaced during filtration, it is possible to keep cold and keep warm. It eliminates oil leaks and hydropower and inevitably extends its life.

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