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pressure testing machine for sale

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pressure testing machine for sale

Burst pressure testing machine is customized for static rubber, plastic and other non-metallic hose blasting, which set the seal tooling, pressurized media, pressure display, operational control together for types of hose pressure test .

Burst Pressure Test Benches is Special pressure testing equipment, Provide pressure and bursting testing for various hydraulic hoses, valves, vessels, tubes and other hydraulic products. They are use air driven hydraulic pump for liquid pressurization. Test pressure is up to maximally 320Mpa. Test medium can be water and hydraulic oil. We have introduced the German technology to produce this high-performance test bench. The machine has a pneumatic pump and no electricity needed. The machine is easy for operation with low noise and fast boosting. Testing liquid can be recycled. It played a important role in the improvement of quality and reliability.

By using the compressed air as the power source, the output liquid pressure and the pressure of the driving air source is in proportionality. By adjusting the pressure of the driven air, the corresponding liquid pressure can be obtained. When the output pressure reaches the preset value, The pneumatic booster pump will stop automatically, the output pressure is stable in the pre adjustment of the pressure. It has the characteristics of explosion proof, adjustable output pressure, small volume, light weight, simple operation, reliable performance, wide application range, etc.. It is especially suitable for high-pressure and ultrahigh pressure blasting and pressure testing of valves, pipes, joints pressure.


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